Dream Speakers Galore * Mad Geniuses at Work - Part 1

Here are some speakers we can aim to possess once we've mastered the art of home theater.  Oh ya, and won the lottery.

To the left you'll find the Kef Muon.
These cabinets are made from super-formed aluminum, giving them an ultra-modern look. The Muons feature four 10-inch bass drivers in front, two in the rear, one 10-inch mid-low driver and a  6.5-inch version of KEF’s Uni-Q driver (mid + center-mounted tweeter). This are the same technology you'll find in the speakers I reviewed previously (just bigger).  These are a 100-model limited edition set of speakers, each selling for $140,000.

To the right you'll see the MBL 101 Extreme.  These are omnidirectional, hanging driver array with a big stack of 12 " woofers–on each side of your stereo.
The open-framed speaker provides three pulsating spheres worth of mids, lows and highs that circumnavigate your ears and hit your drums from every possible angle. That big hunk of art uses all types of materials–carbon fiber, wood, aluminum, steel and acrylic to give it that unmistakable demeanor.  MBL uses a whole separate stack of four 12-inch woofers on each side of the system. The combination of four front pieces weighs nearly two tons and costs a  $180,000.
$2,000,000/ pair
These speakers weigh 2,500 lbs a pair.  The were a “ultra-limited edition functional acoustic art works.”  There were only 3 pairs made.  Each one doubled in price, with serial #003 costing $500,000, serial #002 costing one million dollars and the ever-desirable #001 costing a full two million. They refer to them as serial numbers because they actually named each speaker after its buyer. The speakers bear so much bulk were built so bulky to eliminate any possible vibration.

The glass speakers you see here are devloped by Greensound Technology They are pretty cool.  I think if you put these in your place your definately one up on the boys, even if they sounded like shit(which its doubtful they do)....you could just lay back and laugh because they look so cool.  (not to mention a set cost at least a million dollars)    Looking like little more than a shaped pane of glass sitting atop a base, the speakers use the glass to project the sound and deliver “true 360 degree sound.”

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