Dream Speakers Concept made Reality


Arcadian Audio (located in Athens, Greece) created these speakers called the "Pnoe Horn" speakers.  They were developed over a 10 year period and were designed for music. The design recreates the live sounds of Orchestra, Brass, Violins and Pianos etc.  Apparently the voice recreation is amazing as well.  According to the developers the process required extensive prototype creation, engineering, and testing.... "In various times, listening panels of jazz and classical musicians were employed to ensure that the direction is the right one".

The Pnoe fiberglass horn speakers from Arcadian Audio have a distinctive round back loaded horn design. They use an enclosed AER MD3B driver, are 100 db sensitive and have 16 Ohms impedance.

The design of the cabinet allows this small driver to provide a very wide array of frequencies.  The high and mid-range sound is directly outputted by the speaker seen here, while the bass and sub-bass is amplified by the tube curve and the wide Horn opening.

The Pnoe speaker, being a large horn, must be used within listening rooms with at least 3m or more distance between the listener and the speakers.  The standard internal wiring is the DNM Solid Core Precision and the binding posts are Eichmann Cable Pods. Both have been carefully chosen for the specific application.

With all that being said, the intense engineering of these speakers is meant to "bring the emotions of a live performance.  Voices are simply divine, horns are in the room, orchestras are alive!" 

At 52kg each, 2.2 meters by 1 meter these are some massive speakers with the horn opening nearly a meter at 90cm its recommended to sit no closer that 3m from the speaker for ideal listening and to avoid damaging your ears.  

I just had to know how much.  I found nothing, but i did learn you have to special order them from Greece.  I also found a completed Paypal transaction where a new pair of these speakers were purchased Jan 2010 for $19,300 (shipping weight 230pounds!).

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