Concept Speakers - Altec Lansing OMNI speakers

Altec Lansing OMNI speakers

Altec Lansing has been in the sound/audio industry since the 20's.  While you may not have noticed, Altec Lansing has been pretty commonplace for stadiums, arenas, theatres, airports, auditoriums, churches, amusement parks and they've been creating systems for desktop computers recently(which is probably where you heard the name).

These speakers are a concept they haven't been produced or sold on the market yet, but when the do.  You can buy them for me for Christmas.

 These speakers have a Sub-woofer, Mid-range speaker and a tweeter all built into one speaker.  Now generally this is a bad idea, the frequencies of sound from the different range of speakers would destroy the quality and clarity of the sound coming from each.  

Altec Lancing has encased in a ceramic casing and shielding between speakers with the intent to eliminate this problem, essentially isolating each speaker and the vibrations from each other minimizing distortion and keeping the sound clean.
Now the design and the cone on the top is intended to emit sound in an omnidirectional nature. In other words, the sound emanates from the OMNI speakers is in every direction.
As a result, I wouldn't put these speakers next to my TV in front of a wall as seen in the picture,because the sound would be bouncing off that wall and sound like its coming from that direction.  I would put them in the center of the room. Unless of course I had four or six of them within a 5.1 system or 7.1 system (ya right, I'm guessing just looking at them that these things are at least $5,000 a pair at a bare minimum)


These speakers would look pretty cool, and all they need is flames coming out the top to finish the look.
Anyways, when these do come out...who ever gets em first gets a gold star.  Actually, 2 gold stars :)