Paradigm Cinema 110 CT 5.1 Speaker System -Building an Affordable Home Theater: (3.6)

Paradigm has been a solid speaker manufacturer for over 25 years.  I've always enjoyed the sound their speakers create.  Considering a lot of your space limitations I saw this setup and thought these speakers are high performance with minimal consumption of living space.
Now these speakers aren't just small and pretty.  The Cinema 110 CT system is made up of 2 Cinema 110 satellites (left and right), 2 Cinema ADP surrounds boasting Paradigm’s Adapted Dipole (ADP) technology for extraordinary surround performance, a Cinema 110 C center channel and a Cinema 110 CT subwoofer with 10-inch driver.  The widest sepeaker is 4 inches deep.(except the sub-woofer)

As I've discussed before, speakers that are in Home theaters in a Box are generally crap.  Despite their size this is a different story completely.

The Cinema 110 satellites’ high-performance drivers reproduce low frequencies down to 120 Hz and high frequencies up to 20 kHz in stunning detail. Each has a 1-inch PTD Pure-Titanium Dome high-frequency drive unit and two 4-1/2-inch Injection-Molded Co-Polymer Bass/Midrange Cones.

The Cinema ADP surrounds feature a frequency response of 120 Hz to 20 kHz. Each has two 1-inch PTD Pure-Titanium Dome high-frequency drive units and two 3-1/2-inch.

The Cinema 110 C center has a range of 120 Hz to 20 kHz, a 1-inch PTD Pure-Titanium Dome high-frequency driver and two 4-1/2-inch.

Full Specifications Here

Now Paradigm is a manufacturer I've always known for subwoofers and this system is no different.  It includes a powered 10" (150RMS 450max Wattage) that gives you control over the frequency, level, phase and also has an auto on feature.  The reason this is important is because every room is different and requires modification.  Sometimes different types of media require adjusting of sub levels.  Many HTIB don't give you this option, so you are left at the mercy of your receiver of the media.

These speakers are manufactured to handle up to 110W RMS so using any of the previously reviewed receivers would work well.  If you're using a 7.1 receiver and you want a 7.1 setup these speakers are sold as pairs as well.

Back to money. I've never been a fan of satellites but for someone building a starter system, has extremely limited space or even if you're just upgrading your HTIB speakers for better sound.  This is an excellent buy.

I will be going on to Subwoofers on my next post so get ready to Blast Off.