Fluance SX-HTB+ 5 -Building an Affordable Home Theater: (3.5)

Now I noticed a very good response regarding the Fluance 5 channel speakers I reviewed yesterday.  As a result, I`m reviewing the model up from those the Fluance SX-HTB+ 5.

After looking at the Performance in the specifications more closely I noticed that the Wattage for those speakers maxed out at 100W.  Now this isnt a problem if you haven`t bought a receiver yet or if you`re upgrading speakers in a HTIB.  But if you have a more powerful receiver I might recommend you go with these if you`re going to go with Fluance.  These speakers have a Maximum of 160W.

The towers feature dual 6.5-inch poly-coated woofers and a 1-inch silk-dome tweeter. The center channel speaker is built with a pair of 4-inch poly-coated woofers, and a 1-inch plastic tweeter, while the surround speakers include the same type of woofer and tweeter. All of the speakers are ported designs.

Now I`ve done some more research on these speakers as a result of the interest I`m seeing here and I was presently surprised by what I`ve heard.  It turns out that the construction of these speakers is solid and even the shipping practices of Fluance is apparently better than that of more prominent Manufacturers. 

The Satellites on this system  have built in keyhole slots for wall mounting and the towers are full size towers.  The quality of these series is also an improvement from the previously reviewed AV-HTB5.
The center and surround speakers use gold-plated, five-way binding posts, and the towers' connectivity incorporates double sets of posts to enhance performance with bi-amp/bi-wire capability. 
Now with the previously reviewed speakers came in at $199.  At $299 I would definitely go for these first.  These speakers of better quality.  Fluance also offers a 5 year warranty on all their products.  Full specifications of this product here.

Now I must re-iterate. I would only recommend use of these if you're short on resources and want your system now.  These speakers will not produce the clarity or quality of sound that other speakers I've reviewed will produce, but at these prices, if thats not a concern to you then you'll have your surround sound.  These are excellent for a starter system.  

I`ll say right now.  If you haven't heard better, you`ll be amazed.  Thats one thing I`ve learned over the years.  One thing will be perfect till you hear the next level then that `perfect` just doesnt sound the same anymore.  So if all you`re used to is a ghetto blaster....Never leave your house and stick with it.  Before you know it you`ll be dead and you would have no need for surround or spending any money on it :)