Fluance AV-HTB 5 -Building an Affordable Home Theater: (3.4)

Now check this out.  For those of you that don't have the cash and want a surround system now I've found a good option.  Fluance is a relatively new(company established in 1997) Canadian company who sells entirely online.  Their mission was to provide speakers at a fraction of the cost and they appear to have succeeded.  This is the Fluance AV-HTB 5.  These speakers specifications make them totally a feasible option for those trying to save money building a starter system.

    * Two black ash front floor-standing main speakers
    * One black ash center channel speaker
    * Two black ash rear surround satellite speakers
    * Eight 1" isolation floor spikes for used on hardwood or carpeted areas
    * Full lifetime parts and labor manufacturer's direct warranty

Now if you're upgrading from Home Theater in a Box speakers with limited cash, this is ideal.  Any of the previous receivers I reviewed would easily power these speakers while leaving room for upgrading in the future.  For full specifications you can check it out here.

Now when looking at these speakers I was impressed by what you get for the price.  Two three way towers, a three way center channel, and two way satellites for the rear.

Honestly, If you want to save cash till you get money to buy some other speakers.  I would consider this for sure.  I know nothing about Fluance so I honestly can't speak for craftsmanship or their business practices(shipping etc.) but check it out.  When I looked at this product I guessed the price would have been $400-$500.  Regardless of how you want to use this product,  for $199cdn direct from the manufacturer I'm sure you'll be happy.

Unfortunately, because this Fluance 5 channel system doesn't come with a Sub-Woofer you'll still need to pick one up after making a purchase like this.  You could get away without it if you can't afford it, or your ear permits.  Hell at these prices you may as well get the 2 rears for a 7.1 system (just make sure your receiver supports 7.1 audio first).  Now with any of the receivers that I've previously reviewed you could get a surround theater for about $500 or less.