Pioneer VSX-820-K -Building an Affordable Home Theater: (PT2.3)

Pioneer VSX-820-K

I just saw this one yesterday, now of the receivers I've reviewed this one definatley has to take the prize so far.  Its a 5.1 HDMI 3D ready Pioneer VSX-820-K.  This receiver was from 2010 and comes with so many features I wish I had one.   Now I've mentioned the concept of Futureproofing your purchase.  Which essentially means buy something you won't have to upgrade because it supports the current technology or anything coming up.  This Receiver is futureproof.  Its power ratings are solid at 80wpc RMS again this product power rating is True Power.  

It support all the standard Dolby Digital 5.1 and all high-definition audio formats like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Audio to give your Blu-ray Disc movies a soundtrack that's true-to-life. But Pioneer adds an extra dimension with support for Dolby Pro Logic IIz.  

Speaking of purchasing futureproof technology, Dolby Pro Logic IIz is new Audio for surround systems that are 5.1, 7.1, 9.1.  Check it out in the HD video here.  For a more detailed explanation click this

This is the sort of thing we need when looking for brand new receivers along with 3D capabilities to futureproof our purchases and making sure we can avoid having to go and buy a new receiver for years, in turn protecting our investment.  In the end of the day if you don't treat this sort of purchase as an investment then don't bother wasting your time looking for good components and go buy the piece of crap Coby HTIB listed here for $50

With four HDMI inputs and with the component, optical, coax and RCA connections,  it can definitely handle any sources you have.  The thing I liked, and I know

 many of you iPod/iPhone HOs out there will love is the iPhone dock and the Bluetooth Adapter AS-BT100 which allows wireless communication directly with your receiver from  iPhone, Blackberry, or Android smartphone as well as other Bluetooth-enabled sources like laptops.  This feature is beautiful also considering it has an audio unconverter allowing near cd recreation of your MP3s.  I'm looking at pioneer differently than I did before just for this reason.  

Pioneer lower end products were substandard in my mind in the past but they have appeared to have changed that making these cheaper/lower end models RMS power and solid whereas before it was only "Pioneer Elite" that was worth looking at.

This receiver is listed on Pioneers site with a MSRP $299.00USD I found it listed for prices ranging from $248.00 to $300USD now at this price this is an awesome receiver thats both future proof, and cost effective with a substantial RMS power rating.