Yamaha RXV-367/RXV-467 -Building an Affordable Home Theater: (PT2.1)

Over the next few posts I will post in theme with part 2 of this series, Receivers.  Throughout this I will look over a few reasonably priced receivers you may want to look at during your search.

Yamaha RXV-367/RXV-467

This is an entry level receiver that anyone could use within their home theater.  Now if you have limited space and can only implement a 5.1 system (no room to put 2 rear speakers).  You may be in this position if your seating is against a wall.  If you're in this position, you're wasting time and your money on a 7.1 system.  As you can see in the diagram here.  Well you could but the rear speakers on the wall above your head but you just can't do this without forcing the ideal listening position to somewhere where you aren't sitting.

The Yamaha RXV-367or the RXV-467 is ideal for entry level Home Theater enthusiasts they are simple and has solid True power (which is explained @ http://majormack.blogspot.com/2010/12/building-affordable-home-theaterpt-2.html

I am a Yamaha fan and own a higher end one but I can attest to its quality.  As you can see here the front panel does look modern and could compliment any system, well almost unless of course the only devices you own are an original Nintendo and a Commodore 64 then all I could suggest is take up a new hobby.  For those who are still interested, it will give you 100 watts by five channels and 4 HDMI 1.4 inputs. For those of you with 3D sights or are already using the tech it is capable as well.
RX-V367 rear panel

RX-V367 front panel
While it's very nice it does have 3D capability, it's powerful and has lots of HDMI inputs, as well as all the connectivity that a beginner may require, these appear to be the only plus.  The down side is if you're planning on using 3D capabilities why wouldn't you want HD sound?  This receiver supports Dolby Digital Surround, Dolby ProLogic II, DTS but wheres the DTS-HD, TrueHD and PCM audio?  If you want to review stats on this product further you can find them @ http://www.yamaha.ca/av/Receivers/RXV367.jsp but in my opinion with an average sale price of $220-250usd. The RXV367 is a good receiver if you don't plan on ever using blu-rays or any media with HD content but that seems like a contradiction if you're planning on using the 3D capabilities this receiver possesses.  Now if you want to use it for music OK it might be worth it.  Yes, this product has the 3D capability, but it's just not future-proof. I would spend a little more and purchase the next model up (and it is just a little more, not even $100).

Yamaha RX-V467 

Now the RXV467 has the same front panel however in the back it has more connections including 2 optical and 2 coax digital inputs to allow upgrading of and using more devices in the future.  More than that, it has an extra 5WPC added to the power rating(really won't make that much a difference). Now the major issue I had with the RXV367 was the audio decoder lacked HD audio.  This model supports decoding of these HD audio signals as well as bluetooth connectivity and IPOD docking.
 Full specs on the RX-V467 @ http://www.yamaha.ca/av/Receivers/RXV467.jsp

In conclusion, for less than a hundred dollars more, the benefits of getting a model up in this situation is worth it.  The RX-V467 has the 3D capabilities as well as true power and full HD Decoding.  All Yamaha systems (as far as I knew) come with the YPAO sound optimization for automatic speaker setup except the RX-V367?  I don't know why that is but this YPAO is a mic that you run plugged into the receiver and it in turn equalizes all the speaker levels to make your surround sound accurate.  Many companies provide a similar system with their receivers and I've found some better than others.  I've used the YPAO system and in my opinion it is one of the better sound optimization systems.  

 As a beginner receiver at about $300usd and as low as $229usd (same price I saw the RX-V367 at), the Yamaha RX-V467 is a solid option as it could be classified as futureproof receiver possessing all the necessary tech. to handle all current technology within your home theater.