DENON AVR-591 -Building an Affordable Home Theater: (PT2.4)


 Here we have the Denon AVR-591.  Here is another new receiver that has many features making it close to futureproof.  Check this video this guy will describe many of the features it possesses.

Now it does describe the audio capabilities which it does handle well including the needed trueHD, DTS-HD and all your standard Dolby digital and also the New Dolby ProLogic IIz . 

This receiver comes with the standard features that are required today to watch HD video and listen to HD audio.  It also has the 3D capabilities some are looking for.

At 75WPC RMS it has the power thats required as well.  The real downside I see to this receiver is the limited connectivity it possesses.
As you can see here, there isn't much ability to connect several devices.
While it does have 4 HDMI connections, it only has one optical and 1 coax connection for digital audio.  This means if you have a traditional DVD player and a cable box with digital audio (not hdmi) or any other device with such connections, your SOL.


Honestly, after seeing that and with my previous requirement of futureproofing your investment I'm cutting this review short...I don't think this receiver is worth the money.  Denon makes many solid receivers, however lower end receivers Denon makes are less than comparable to some of the options out there.  Not only would you need another receiver if you wanted to hook up all your sources, without unplugging stuff to plug others in.  In searching, I found the lowest price at $295 US.  I've reviewed better ones in the last week with the same features(even more features) and more connectivity for cheaper.  If you're looking at the Denon AVR-591?  I would recommend don't bother, there's cheaper better options available.  Don't get me wrong its a good receiver having the new ProLogic IIz and the audio as well as the video and 3D capabilites there is foresight and value here.  But only if you have no devices besides HDMI devices and have no possible requirement for multiple digital connections using optical and coax connections.  Despite that it cost too much even still, get something for less with more.