Boston Acoustics CS SUB10 -Building an affordable home theater: (4.2)

Boston Acoustics CS SUB10 
Boston Acoustics has been around since 1979 designing, manufacturing, and selling high-performance audio systems for home audio/video systems.
What we have here is the Boston Acoustics CS SUB10 of the Classic series.  I only just came across this model again, because of the price but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this entire line is a perfect system for those interested in a quality surround system for less.

This sub is a solid purchase if you`re looking for a 10 inch with solid power.  This sub has a 100W RMS power rating.  Its a bottom firing sub with a bottom port.
Theyve built this sub with:
  • Graphite injected polymer woofers utilize Deep Channel® Design (DCD) for more bass from less amplifier power
  • Acoustically tuned port for improved bass
  • MagnaGuard® magnetic shielding prevents video interference
Beneath the CSSUB10
Frequency Range: (±3dB)
32 – 150 Hz
Amplifier Power:
100 watts RMS; BassTrac® circuitry eliminates distortion

Bass Driver:
10” (254mm) DCD

Dimensions (H x W x D):
15 x 15 x 15”

32 lbs (14.5kg)

For those of you who have been following the price goes up but if you`ll notice compared to the previous Polk Audio Sub I reviewed, this Sub can handle a greater Frequency response. As well as double the RMS power.  All this means is that you get a larger range of sound so when Darth Vader is Breathing heavy and the Death Star blows up, you can hear it clearly and more crisp :)
CSSUB10 Rear Panel
The next thing you have to look at on this sub compared to the previously reviewed one is that it has more audio inputs.  To be exact because (sorry) I know you may be having a difficult time reading the labels on this panel.   LFE is the extra input.  Now LFE Stands for Low Frequency Effect.  It is a component of DVD audio tracks that they started adding 10 or 15 years ago specifically intended for deep, low-pitched sounds ranging from 3-120 Hz.

The rest is pretty well the same, it has a lowpass filter,Subwoofer volume, Phase, Power. Most subs are the same in this regard(or slight differences).  Now the one thing this sub doesnt have is speaker outputs.  Honestly, I wouldnt be concerned by this.  I own three subs in my place and 1 has these outputs... If you have to use these your receiver isnt good enough.
Now Boston Acoustics is a solid manufacturer of Subs and speakers.  I have heard their hardware before and it does have an excellent sound.  If you wanted to buy this Sub and you`re still considering speakers I would consider this...................

 During my price check I found this subwoofer price ranging from $100-200.  I`ve discussed timber matching and attempting to keep the same series and manufacturer for all your speakers. 
Boston Acoustics Classic Series
This is the entire Boston Acoustics Classic Series line which I found ranging from $495-$650.  That is an excellent buy.  Its made up of :

  • (4) CS 23 2-Way 3-1/2-inch bookshelf speakers
  • (1) CS 223C Dual 3-1/2-inch 2-Way center channel speaker
  • (1) CSSub10 10-inch, 100-Watt subwoofer 
Looking at this I have to say, this is one of the better speaker packages I have seen in a while for this price.  I would say the average price was about $550(which is odd, considering the 4 bookshelf speakers alone have a MSRP about $400).  Including choosing and purchasing a receiver this is another option to create and buy an entire 5.1 system for under $1000.