Energy Connoisseur C-Series 5.1 -Building an Affordable Home Theater: (3.2)

Energy Connoisseur C-Series 5.1

So what we have here is the Energy Connoisseur C-Series 5.1 speaker system.  It is comprised of much smaller speakers for those with limited space.  But not necessarily meaning limited sound quality.  These ones surprised me with the quality of their sound.  Backed with a solid receiver these speakers could prove to be ``The Ones``.

Now there are several benefits to finding such a package.  When you have all the same make and model of speakers it makes it much easier to configure as you don`t have to compensate for certain speakers differences.  Sometimes you cant.  So you know, getting the same type of speakers is also known as Timber Matching and it is an important factor in choosing components for your speaker system.

This speaker system is comprised of a 6-piece set of Energy Take Classic speakers which includes 4 Take satellite speakers, 1 perfectly matched Take center channel speaker and 1 perfectly matched Take powered subwoofer.

The front and rear satellites each contain a 3" poly-titanium woofer and a 3/4" Hyperbolic aluminum-dome tweeter.  I have never really been a fan of satellites but these speakers are very small for the sound they create at three pounds each.  These are a solid build and they look good, so they will match you shag rug and the moosehead above your fireplace perfectly.
The Center Channel with the same technology (tweets,woofers) is equally pleasing to the eye and will complete the five channels.  Now as you'll see Energy boasts about their Patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround woofers that create high efficiency, low distortion.  While this sounds like the shit. Every manufacturer has some patented something or another and it doesnt always mean something.  In this case, I think that the speakers are an excellent build.  Oh ya, full specifications for this product can be found here.
The problem I've always had with Satellite speakers is that no matter what anyone says, their size limits their ability to create sound.  With puny woofers they are limited with regards to low frequencies.  The result is deep voices bass in crashes and really what we buy theaters for can be compromised.  However, I've seen many circumstances where a sub-woofer compensates for this fact.

Corner loaded subwoofer (not reviewed product)

In one of my theaters I run two subs, one being an 10" Energy.  This sub is excellent and as a result I can speak for its craftsmanship, but this receiver comes with a rear firing 8`` sub which if placed correctly may be enough(corner loaded maybe... see picture).  If not, it may not be enough to satisfy you.  Try this before attempting to keep it.  Just buy it, try it with your chosen receiver and return it if it doesn`t cut it.  Alternatively, get a 10 or and 12 inch sub to work with it. 

You must critically analyze this by listening to the speakers yourself, with the receiver you're going to purchase to ensure it will do what you want.

Despite my concerns, Energy has been in the audio business for a long time and these are solid speakers.  In the end of the day everyone has their personal preference and we all hear differently, some people like more bass while some hate it, you`re ear is the only one that matters when your making a purchase like this.
I`ve seen this set of speakers pricing in total rom $500-$800 so as an affordable home theater option this and a good receiver may be your choice for under $1000.