Motorola Golden-I * Computer Head

Motorola Golden-I
I came across this thing and I could definitely complete my geek persona throwing one of these on.
Now do you want to be able to be on your computer while eating a double down from KFC with your left hand, doing your hair in between bites and changing into 3rd gear with your right hand going 60mph all at the same time?  Sounds like a dream from the future doesn't it.

Looks like Motorola is making our dreams a reality; check this out they call it Golden-i.  Its has voice and gesture recognition and the device will offer voice, audio and PC capabilities on a virtual reality-style 15-inch monitor that will also support simulation software and streaming video.

Realistically I could see a few good applications for this device as mentioned in this video.
You have to pardon my scepticism but all I see is this device proving to be extremely hazardous.  Thing is unless you're stationary you're a hazard to yourself and all those around you.  As we already know people with the best of intentions are creating a similar hazard with cellphones.  Imagine how dangerous it would be doing everyday tasks like driving, while looking through this device and trying to pull up your contacts on this screen or looking for the right track on your car stereo.   Ya its hands free but.........You think?

My personal opinion is based on logic.  I think a license requirement should come with this product, making it manditory you meet the following 3 standards:

  • You must be such a mack that you introduce yourself last name first like (ex. "Bond, James Bond"), 
  • You must complete extensive training with MI-6
  • You must have at least 3 hot women you rescued from the bad guys in your contact list 

Without strict adherence to such licensing this whole idea is just a recipe for disaster.