Advances in Technology : Shaping the Future

Ingenious development advancing mankind
Making our dreams a reality 

As you know I only recommend the absolute top of the line technology.  With a hands free theme in one of my previous posts I had to let you know about this breaking technology.  For the guys,  this is a must have.

Again, its almost like in the movies.  Imagine your so hammered you fall and smash the glass you're drinking from.  Laying on the floor blood dripping from your forehead you noticed you managed to grab the half empty bottle of 12 year old Chivas in your right hand on the way down.  You drag yourself past the disgusted onlookers to the washroom.  You manage to pull yourself up and only have your left hand to hold you up against the wall.  You just barely made it into the washroom and you have to go...Now obviously you're not going to put down the bottle so ,what do you do?  The answer has been made simple. 

Well this robotic urinal will handle your business for you.  Hell, you can even take a swig if you need to level yourself out.  It's guaranteed to keep your shoes, pants and the floor clean, how can you go wrong.

Ahhhhhhhh, just imagine.  The possibilities are endless!  I was feeling a little bit down about the future of mankind but this really makes me optimistic.  There is no question about it, this product is going to change everything!