Death of Archie Andrews ?

So.  After Betty, Veronica and Archie performing all kinds of public debauchery for the last 70 years :)
Archie Andrews is going to bite the dust July 2014!  

What?!?!  Was the first response that came from me hearing this news.  I never read an Archie comic since I was a little kid but apparently it has gone in a completely different direction....Even though he apparently dies with honorable intent, sacrificing himself to save another.  I would have never though the series would kill its main character after all this time.

JBL ES250PBK Subwoofer

While I'm a fan of Paradigm, Infinity.... on and on, I've remained a faithful JBL customer for years.  Its always done me good.  In fact, on one of my theaters I'm running both a JBL Northridge 12" and a JBL Northridge 10".
For your money?  The JBL ES250PBK will satisfy you.  

Getting vibrant clear bass from your system can be hard, especially at higher volumes where issues like distorted sounds and too much boom quickly become problems. The JBL ES250PBK High-Performance 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer uses technology that’s powerful enough to bring out every nuance in 7.1 channels of music or sound effects from an HD DVD.

Transformers 4

Now I wasn't really a fan of the previous Transformer Movies but I watched this trailer..........

Now that that trailer is over with........
Officially interested.